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2018 – The best year in the history of the company

Strong sales growth following a large increase of orders from most of our historical customers. The digitization of oil and gas logistics is under way.

Following the pilots of neevo ™ with LoRa and Sigfox in more than 8 countries, several orders have been received.

Selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 […]

21 May 2019|

Behind the scenes

Thibault Genessay, Software & Firmware Engineer
Thibault began working at Sensile Technologies as a software & firmware engineer almost four years ago. He has a Master’s degree in IT from the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). Before coming to us, he spent eight years working at the University of Lausanne’s Forensic Science Institute. During […]

20 December 2018|

Will water be the fuel of the future?

Many researchers have been working for years to find solutions that will make water the fuel of the future. To achieve this, we must find more efficient ways to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water using renewable energies. Although this may not be in the near future, we must begin to supervise water […]

26 September 2018|

Behind the scenes

Vitalis Hirschmann, Project Manager
We celebrated the 10-year career of Vitalis Hirschmann just before the summer. Vitalis started at Sensile Technologies following his studies in Microtechnology at EPFL. Those who got to know him during his studies noticed his exceptional skills and strongly recommended that he be hired straight away.
Since starting with us, he has […]

26 September 2018|

Presentation at FORWARD

On April 19, Cédric Morel represented Sensile Technologies at FORWARD, the innovation forum for SMBs. This event was organised by the Le Temps daily newspaper and PME Magazine.
After a short video presentation of our company (in French only, at bottom of this page), Cédric told the 950 attendees about the experience we have acquired […]

8 May 2018|

Behind the scenes

Ilona Krul, Back Office Manager
Ilona Krul has been Back Office Manager at Sensile Technologies for 10 years. Every day she remotely monitors all telemetry units deployed and operated by Sensile Technologies for our direct clients to ensure they are functioning properly. She also assists installers working in the field. And she answers various maintenance […]

8 May 2018|

If you missed it on Twitter

On 1st April 2018, we announced our new NETRIS2 with rechargeable battery on Twitter.
Turn the handle for 1 minute and the battery will last for 2 years.
Don’t miss the exclusive news we share on social media: Follow us on Twitter. 


8 May 2018|

2017 – Product Adaptation for the evolution of wireless communication networks

We have started the developments for solutions on low power networks: LoRa and Sigfox and on the
new standards for GSM networks: LTE-CAT-M and NB-IoT.

Big deployments of WACnGO in South America and renewed trust of Butagaz in France.

Adaptation for CLA-VAL of NETRIS®2 for better management of water networks.

21 March 2018|

Behind the Scenes

Cora Vennemann, Logistics Manager
Cora Vennemann has been Logistics Manager at Sensile Technologies since 2014. This means she oversees everything that comes into our facility and everything that goes out. She manages order entry, confirmations and packaging. She also creates shipping documents and invoices, and oversees our stock and equipment purchases. She received training from […]

18 December 2017|

Sensile Technologies as an example of a successful exporting company

The PME Magazine (Magazine in French about the SME in West-Switzerland) in its edition of Octobre 2017 mentioned Sensile Technologies in its article about successful exporting companies.
26 October 2017|