Dear partners, customers and friends,

Here we are already, at the end of another year that, to put it mildly, was not what we expected 12 months ago. Just when we thought the pandemic was coming to an end, war broke out on our borders, leading to an energy crisis whose impacts were felt mainly in Europe but also beyond. That said, this is not the first year – and it will probably not be the last – in which we had to roll up our sleeves to provide solutions for our customers and a satisfactory working environment for our employees, while ensuring the continued good financial health of our company. You could even say that it was “business as usual”.

But 2022 was not just a series of crises – we were able to start travelling again, attending exhibitions, and visiting several clients.

In May we exhibited at UNITI in Stuttgart, where many of our European customers and distributors came to see us. At the end of June, the annual European Liquid Gas Congress – initially scheduled for 2021 – took place, giving us an opportunity to meet all our contacts in the LPG world in Europe, an experience that was very much appreciated by all our sales representatives and our customers.

The second half of the year saw a slight easing of supply conditions for electronic components, which in turn enabled us to reduce delivery times for our products. From the second half of 2023, we should have stock again to reduce these lead times even further.

In 2022, our team welcomed three new employees: Jonathan as a Certification Engineer, Alain as an Account Manager and Federico as an Electronic Engineer. We appreciate these additional resources, which are very useful in helping us maintain the quality we value so highly while managing the growth we are facing.

We also have a sneak peek for you: we can already announce that from February 2023, we will occupy the entire third and top floor of our building at Rue de Lausanne 45 in Morges. A complete renovation of this floor is currently under way. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to regroup the various offices we had in the building onto a single floor – and the renovation is also an opportunity to change our furniture to bring a fresh new look to our office. As those who have already visited us and seen the view we had from the second floor can no doubt imagine, the view from the third floor is even better. And if you’ve not yet visited, we’d be delighted to welcome you from February.

In addition to this newsletter, we are offering you the opportunity to visit us in Rome in November for LPG Week 2023 as well as a “Behind the Scenes” with Murielle.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and wish you all the best for 2023. Once again, we hope that next year will be better and that solutions to the current crises will be found. In any case, we wish good health to you and your loved ones.