Murielle joined Sensile Technologies more than 2 years ago as a Technical Support Specialist. She joined Ilona Krul and together they offer a high-quality service to all our customers and technicians in the field. 

Murielle started her professional career at the renowned Swiss bank UBS, where she spent 7 years, mainly in Customer Support. She has been able to put the experience she acquired there to good use and enjoys being in touch with our customers and technicians. Murielle quickly developed an understanding of our solutions and all of our customers have recognised her skills and her dedication to ensuring their needs are met. 

In addition to her technical and interpersonal skills, Murielle is also a polyglot. As well as French, her mother tongue, she is also fluent in English, German and Swiss German. 

Among her many passions, all the employees at Sensile Technologies have already appreciated her pastry-making skills. Not a week goes by without her spoiling us with one of her delicious specialities, which we enjoy with our coffee.

She has been playing curling for many years at the Lausanne club and was the second-ranked junior player in Switzerland. She has also competed in prestigious tournaments, including two appearances at the Damen Cup in Bern.

The COVID period has not been conducive to another of her passions, travelling. She recently took an Interrail trip around Europe and a backpacking trip to Thailand.

Thank you, Murielle, for your enthusiasm, your dynamism, and your dedication to satisfying our customers and technicians!