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The add-on for monitoring of gas tank levels.

Mechanical floating gauges fitted to liquefied gas tanks (LPG, propane, butane) can be retained when implementing our Industrial IoT solution. The existing dial simply needs to be replaced by a Hall-effect sensor that will enable information to be sent to the NETRIS®2 or NETRIS®3 telemetry units.

We supply our customers with Hall-effect sensors compatible with our systems, produced by Rochester Sensors.

Rochester Magnetel 8inch Centerline with cable
Rochester module R3D with JR dial
Hall-effect sensors from Rochester Sensors  
How it works

Installation instead of the existing analogue dial on the floating gauge.


Electrical connection to a NETRIS®2 or NETRIS®3 telemetry unit.


Translation of the magnetic field of the dial needle magnet into an electrical signal proportional to the volume of liquid inside the tank.


Transmission of the electrical signal to the telemetry unit to measure tank levels.

Fields of application

Gas tanks


Oil Link™ cloud portal

Interface between telemetry units and your logistics system


Telemetry unit with GSM transmission


Telemetry unit with LPWAN transmission

Technical specifications

  • Model reference: Hall-effect Sensor 6320S**07**
  • Available with different dial sizes: Junior, Senior, Senior 4", Magnetel 4" or 8"
  • IECEx/ATEX/UL certified, meets IP68 waterproofing standard
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