Our telemetry solutions

An IoT ecosystem for optimising distribution logistics in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are a key part of your smart supply chain. They are designed to remotely monitor and measure oil, gas and chemical tank levels, as well as other information in and around such tanks.

They are the result of technology developed at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) and 25 years’ experience in the design and production of autonomous telemetry equipment.

Key benefits

  • Costs reduced by up to 30% per cubic metre of product delivered
  • Distance travelled and carbon footprint reduced
  • Alarms triggered in the event of high or low levels
  • No more service interruptions or rush deliveries
  • Detailed view of consumption and predictive analyses
  • Process automation and decision support
  • Improved customer service
Our telemetry solutions 
  • Robust equipment with excellent data feedback reliability
  • Operates without an electrical connection, making it suitable for dispersed or underground equipment
  • User-friendly, accessible and secure cloud portal
  • Data hosted in Switzerland
Fields of application

Gas tanks

For monitoring gas tanks such as LPG, propane and butane.

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Oil and lubricant tanks

For monitoring fuel oil, diesel, heavy oils, lubricants and other oils tanks.

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Petrol stations

For monitoring fuels (petrol, diesel) at service stations.

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Gas cylinders

For monitoring gas cylinders such as LPG, propane and butane.

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Waste oils

For the supervision of used oil tanks.

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For monitoring chemical tanks such as AdBlue, aircraft and automobile antifreezes, coolants, isopropyl alcohol and construction additives.

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Our systems

Oil Link™ Cloud Portal

The interface between telemetry units and your logistics system


The telemetry unit with GSM transmission


The telemetry unit with LPWAN transmission

SENS.5 pressure sensor

The pressure sensor for petroleum and chemical products

Rochester sensor

The Hall effect sensor for gas products