SENS.5, submersible pressure sensors


The perfect addition to our telemetry units for monitoring of tank levels for oil and chemical products.

The products in the SENS.5 range are absolute pressure sensors used as submersible gauges in tanks containing all types of fuel oils, lubricants, waste oils and chemicals. They are designed to measure the pressure value in the tank and transmit the information to the NETRIS®2 or NETRIS®3 telemetry units.

SENS.5 is an excellent quality product that is easy to install. Its small size means it can fit into one-inch diameter openings as well as elbow tubes in vent pipes. It is an integral part of our Industrial IoT solution, in association with our Oil Link™ cloud portal.

SENS.5, submersible pressure sensors  
How it works

Installation of the sensor at the bottom of the tank.


Electrical connection to a NETRIS®2 or NETRIS®3 telemetry unit.


Measurement of the liquid pressure value and translation into ratiometric analogue voltage.


Transmission of the signal to the telemetry unit for measurement of tank levels (and temperature, available as an option).


Oil Link™ cloud portal

Interface between telemetry units and your logistics system


Telemetry unit with GSM transmission


Telemetry unit with LPWAN transmission

Technical specifications

  • Ratiometric output (0-5V) from 10% to 90% for all pressure ranges
  • Ratiometric output (0-5V) for temperature measurement (available as an option)
  • 3 models available, for tank heights up to 4 m, 10 m and 20 m
  • IECEx/ATEX/UL certified, meets IP68 waterproof standard