NETRIS®2 with geolocation option

You deliver your products in mobile tanks and/or you rent these tanks to your customers. You have likely already had the unpleasant surprise of discovering the tank isn’t where you thought it would be. Those days are now over thanks to the NETRIS®2 with geolocation option.

Our web-based remote monitoring solution with geolocation, is the world’s first: With a single device, you will always know when to deliver a mobile tank and where to deliver it. And you’ll never lose it again.

Sensile Technologies has been installing web-based remote monitoring systems on worksite tanks for more than 15 years. Our solutions guarantee construction companies will always have enough fuel for worksite machines. And fuel suppliers get the information they need to plan their delivery for the optimum time. But, a mobile tank is intended to be easily moved. So, a delivery person often arrives with their tank truck, only to find that the tank is no longer where it was when they last delivered or where the order says it should be. Sometimes, the tank even “disappears” completely.

Our latest web-based remote monitoring unit, NETRIS®2 provides optional level monitor geolocation by satellite. With this functionality—the first of its kind in the world—you won’t waste any more time searching for a tank’s location and you’ll finish your delivery route on time.

The geolocation option is beneficial on all mobile tank types: worksites, logging operations, mobile service stations, temporary heating solutions, mobile generators, and more.

For these installations, the Oil Link web portal lets you see the exact address of the tank, as well its location history.

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