L’inverseur automatique et communicant de bouteilles de gaz

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our customers are equipped with automatic gas cylinder change-over systems with a built-in indicator. Every customer knows locally whether or not they are already using the spare cylinder. But you don’t! Despite the fact that you also need this information in order to schedule your resupply trips…

Do you want to keep making emergency deliveries ?
No, of course not! This is why Sensile Technologies offers you the automatic and communicating gas cylinder change-over system. This way, you are informed in real time as soon as the spare cylinders have been activated, and as soon as the supplier has replaced the cylinders.

From now on, you deliver at the optimum time, saving at least 20% on your transport costs for gas cylinder delivery. And your customers will be happier as you will be making their life easier on an ongoing basis; they will no longer have to make orders and will feel as though they have a 24/7 gas supply. What is more, you will have both an overall and detailed view of the history of your cylinder changes, thanks to the Oil Link™ web portal.

This is a competitive advantage for you that will strengthen your professional image in the energy field!

Our solution is adapted to butane and propane gas cylinders, as well as to other types of gas used in places where electric power connection is not possible. We guarantee reliability, robustness, independence and operation in utmost safety in our equipment’s potentially explosive environment. It is easy (plug & play) and quick to install.

Sensile Technologies has already established long-term relationships with numerous oil and gas companies, who benefit from our telemetry solution on their customers’ tanks.