Many researchers have been working for years to find solutions that will make water the fuel of the future. To achieve this, we must find more efficient ways to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water using renewable energies. Although this may not be in the near future, we must begin to supervise water networks more efficiently as of today. We recently branched out into the water market with our collaboration with American company Cla-Val, the leader in regulating valves for water network management.

Based on NETRIS®2, and renamed CV-Log after being modified and optimised for this market, the data logger offers water system operators more advanced and efficient network regulation when combined with a Cla-Val valve.

In addition to controlling the closed-loop valve, CV-Log+ stores flow and pressure settings and opens and closes electrovalves to control the regulating valve. The recorded data is transmitted to the water network control centre and the valve management settings can be changed remotely, allowing complete control of the network.

The Cla-Val Group has been the leader in automatic diaphragm valves since 1936. These valves are used worldwide for the distribution of drinking and industrial water, fire protection systems, fuel supply and industrial applications.

Cla-Val automatic valves are known for their quality and high performance.

As well as its commitment to outstanding quality and continuous improvement, Cla-Val also has a creative spirit, leading to the launch of new, innovative products on the various markets. Their products are specially designed to maintain and manage water quality while saving as much energy as possible.

Visit or for a clear and simple description of the various product ranges and maintenance services provided by Cla-Val.

The versatility of the NETRIS®2 platform was key for Cla-Val, in particular the design of its casing which is perfectly suited to harsh environments and allows easy installation in all conditions.

Minor modifications to the NETRIS®2 electronics were sufficient as explosion protection is not required for this application. However, due to a need for data in near real time, energy requirements are much higher than our usual applications. As a result, Cla-Val equipped CV-Log/CV-Log+ with a battery pack that has 6 times more capacity than NETRIS®2.

The NETRIS®2 firmware also required significant changes, to not only measure and transmit more often, but also to be able to directly control the valve on which the CV-Log+ is installed. More than 400 hours of development were required. Thanks to the proximity of the Cla-Val European headquarters which piloted this project, this collaboration was extremely effective.

Hugo van Buel, Managing Director of Cla-Val Europe added, “The collaboration with Sensile Technologies ran as smoothly as a Swiss watch. We were very satisfied with the adaptations made and the operation of the equipment in the field. The use of CV-Log+ allows us to add value to our valves and set us apart from our competitors.”

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