Sensile Technologies is proud to present its latest add-on to the Oil Link™ web portal: the TrackUP™ Module.


The Oil Link™ web portal is already known as the most user-friendly and effective platform for tank monitoring solutions in the oil and gas industry.

The TrackUP™ Module links the field work carried out by the technicians (new installations, battery exchanges or maintenance on existing sites) to the Oil Link™ web portal.

The technicians in the field can now log into a specially designed website where they can view the tasks that they have to perform and fill out paperless reports which are then directly validated to configure or modify a site following their actions in the field. The technicians also get direct feedback for their work and can leave the site with the knowledge that all is working as it should be.

TrackUP™ offers the technicians more autonomy, generates less paperwork and allows the required information to be shared with all those concerned in real time. It also creates a record of all the interventions on a site. It saves a lot of time as information only needs to be entered once.

TrackUP™ is in line with the continuous development of the Oil Link web portal. The aim has always been to enable our customers and distributors to increase their number of sites without having to take on additional helpdesks or support staff.