NETRIS®2 is currently the most efficient telemetry unit on the market.

It was developed to guarantee you a far better return on investment than that offered by any other existing solution.
Our aim is to continuously bring you more value.By constantly innovating in partnership with you, Sensile Technologies, the market leader in remote measurement solutions for gas, fuel oil, and fuel tanks, will explain all the advantages of NETRIS®2 for your business.

NETRIS®2 is the key component for efficiently optimizing refill scheduling for your petroleum tanks.

It is the only solution which provides you with real-time information about the exact consumption capacity of each of your client’s tanks, regardless of the geographical location.

NETRIS®2 is the fourth-generation telemetry unit and the result of 15 years’ experience on the connected objects market. NETRIS®2 includes numerous improvements and innovations, with the aim of reaching perfection.

Of course, NETRIS®2 has retained the key functionalities of the previous generation, such as its reliability and robustness, even in extreme environments, its user-friendliness which is adapted to all configurations, its ease of installation and maintenance, and the efficiency of its communication system, in any environment.

And NETRIS®2 goes even further as it now offer a record-breaking battery life, thanks to its intelligent energy managerment. 

What’s more, NETRIS®2 is still able to operate on the 2G cellular network, but also offers the possibility of communicating via the latest generation of networks (3G, LTE), which means it can be rolled out across all continents as a long-term solution.

A geolocation module (GPS) allows the option of easily locating mobile tanks, on building sites, for example.

Finally, to guarantee safe use in even more restrictive, hazardous locations, NETRIS®2 is now certified for Zone 0 (ATEX) and Class I, Division 1 (UL).

NETRIS®2 can significantly increase the number of connected tanks thanks to its high profitability. Even a few months prior to its official launch, NETRIS®2 was a decisive element in the signature of a partnership with a new distributor in North America and was also deployed in a non-oil sector; perfect examples of NETRIS®2’s ability to meet your business’ major challenges.

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