[one_half last=”no”]Over the last 2 years Sensile Technologies has signed many new contracts, in addition to renewing contracts with existing customers.

Despite their variety in terms of the projects’ country and size, they all had one thing in common: the agreement focused on full service, meaning our customers only pay for the data they receive.

Sensile Technologies takes care of the entire process, from installation and maintenance of the telemetry system on the vessels to configuring the system online, exporting data to the logistics software, and fully-automated delivery dispatching. We guarantee a complete service with no initial investment and no extra costs above the fixed fee per vessel.

For some of our new customers, we also organised the automatic import of data from their existing systems into our web portal Oil Link™. These customers now have a single web portal to view their vessel data and benefit from all the features that our web portal offers, such as cockpit charts and TrackUP. At the end of a telemetry unit’s service life, it is replaced by a NETRIS®2 unit; your clients and employees will barely notice the change.[/one_half]

[one_half last=”yes”]One of those to have switched to a full service contract is our leading gas merchant customer, who has been using our equipment for over 10 years. During that time, the customer managed the system successfully and increased their number of monitored vessels as they grew in the marketplace. In 2014, the company asked us to take over the management of its existing installations and invest in new ones in order to free up its technicians’ time.

Having our own network of technicians in more than 60 countries means our customers benefit from numerous advantages; our technicians can replace old material, change batteries and install new equipment. This allows you to save time, and reduce your costs and travel-related CO2 emissions. You can then concentrate on tasks that are directly related to your core business while receiving a reliable flow of data.

Sensile Technologies is the ideal partner for oil and gas companies that would like to subcontract the management of their existing tank telemetry solution. We are a world leader in terms of the number of tanks monitored with full service contracts and have the experience and knowledge necessary to integrate all kinds of data into our web portal. We can guarantee a reliability rate of more than 99 percent for fully functioning telemetry units at any time.

If you would like to know more, please contact us[/one_half]