We work with petroleum and gas engineers to optimize logistical organization and rationalize transport costs.
That’s why we analyse your current supply chain and explain the benefits that an efficient remote measurement solution can generate.

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Remote measurement is the only solution which provides you with real-time information about the exact consumption capacity of each of your equipped tanks, regardless of the geographical location.

Without this solution, you risk over- or underestimating your clients’ consumption, based on unreliable records, or being subject to an influx or lack of customer orders.

What will the weather be like next winter? Only remote measurement allows you to accurately predict your clients’ needs.

Thanks to a continued development strategy and permanent innovation, our remote measurement solutions for gas and petroleum tanks offer you the most efficient solution to optimize your logistics.

In order to do so we have developed a method which enables you to:

  • identify tanks with a positive return on investment thanks to our solutions
  • plan deliveries and optimize costs, using the data collected by our solutions

In addition, to better meet your needs, we have designed analysis tools which show the benefits of using a connected tank. By implementing our advice, our clients have effectively reduced their delivery costs.

We offer all petroleum and gas engineers a free analysis of their supply chain and their fuel oil or gas deliveries. We identify the various obstacles and offer to modify your internal processes with the aim of optimizing your deliveries while improving costs and avoiding shortages.

Together, we can also calculate the savings which could be made each year thanks to these improvements. What’s more, you can manage your key logistical performances in real time thanks to the Oil Link™ internet portal and its integrated analysis tools.

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