Wondering how to reduce the cost of delivering your oil, gas or chemical products, without risking your customers’ tanks running dry? Want to get a clear view of your outsourced logistics performance and identify areas for improvement? With Sensile Technologies’ IIoT solutions, all the answers are at your fingertips thanks to the indicators provided by our Oil Link™ cloud portal.


Dashboards for logistics and supply chain managers

If you outsource the distribution of your oil, gas or chemical products, you’re probably looking to ensure that your subcontractors don’t leave your customers high and dry. If you are in charge of distribution, you’ll want to optimise costs by reducing the number of shipments made, which means delivering the largest possible quantities as late as possible.

You will therefore need to obtain and analyse data such as the number of tanks that have run dry in a given month (“Dry Run” chart) or the distribution of tanks delivered according to the average unit delivery per year (“Drop Size” chart). This analysis enables you to see improvements in your logistics at a glance. This data and much more is easily accessible, in real time, in the Oil Link™ Cockpit chart, the cloud portal that collects, processes, analyses and graphically presents the data transmitted by our telemetry units.

Tailor-made analyses for targeted improvements

The indicators displayed in the Cockpit chart give you an insight into your current and historical logistics performance. By using the various filters available, you can obtain customised analyses by isolating a region, type of product, or subcontractor, for example. You can also make comparisons easily, directly from the dashboard. As a result, inefficiencies quickly become apparent, and you can identify opportunities for targeted improvements.

An instant index of your logistics performance

In addition to Cockpit chart data, Oil Link™ provides a Logistics Performance Index (LPI), an instant index that measures current delivery performance. The LPI uses data from the most recent deliveries to calculate the average per tank of volume delivered versus volume deliverable.

The index is displayed for each tank in the form of a letter A, B or C, depending on the average calculated (more than 60%, 40% to 60%, and less than 40% respectively). The LPI is also displayed on a map, so you can immediately see the differences in performance by region.

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