Several times a year, we take you behind the scenes at Sensile Technologies to meet one of our team members. Today, we invite you to meet our Office Manager, Françoise Conti.

A versatile, multilingual colleague in a multifaceted role

As Office Manager, Françoise Conti is responsible for everything to do with administrative, financial and HR management. If you ask her what she likes about the job, the first thing she’ll say is the variety. Although there are obviously certain recurring tasks, no two days are alike.

She joined Sensile Technology in 2020 after working as an executive assistant, sales assistant and administrative assistant in companies of all sizes. She enjoys using her varied skills and is never afraid of getting bored.

She will also tell you that she enjoys the variety of interactions, both with her colleagues and with customers and suppliers. Whether you speak French, German, Swiss German or Italian, you can feel at ease with her – they are all her mother tongues. She is also fluent in English, which she learned in London, among other places.

She put this multilingualism to good use for 15 years at the head of a translation agency that she co-founded with a partner. She no longer practises this profession, but Sensile Technologies’ trilingual communication offers her many translation opportunities, aided today by increasingly efficient online machine translation services. This is another hat she wears with pleasure.

Hiking and creative leisure activities to get away from it all

One constant in her day is the joy of admiring Lake Geneva and the Alps as she walks through the office door in the morning.

At the weekend, she has her pick of beautiful panoramas, as she’s a great lover of hiking, which she usually does in the mid-range mountains. While she knows the hiking trails around Zermatt almost by heart, it’s with Central Switzerland that she has a particular affinity. The cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz offer her some of the most idyllic and exotic hikes. When she’s at home, she enjoys creative hobbies such as knitting and sewing, or playing the guitar.

At the end of the day, variety is the common theme of her professional and leisure activities.

Visit Françoise’s LinkedIn profile to find out more about her.