We often introduce our company with this photo of the view from our offices.

You can see Lake Geneva, representing the region of Lausanne-Geneva with the highly dynamic EPFL (Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) where we studied. The EPFL has been responsible for world-renowned projects such as Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered plane to travel around the world (with stopovers), and Alinghi, who won the Americas Cup for Switzerland in 2003 and 2007. We could also mention David Borel, who graduated in 1973 and became the co-founder of Logitech, famous for their mouse and other computer accessories.

You can also see abroad: France is on the other side of the lake. France has been our largest market for several years. This also shows our desire to offer our solutions beyond borders. Thanks to our employees’ linguistic skills, territorial barriers are easier to overcome. Our solutions have been sold abroad for over 15 years, first in Austria and Germany, then in the Netherlands and Finland. This rapidly expanded to include the majority of European countries, particularly the Nordic countries, where we are the leader.

We have now been selling our solutions in Australia for over eight years thanks to the local partner of one of our European distributors. As a result, our Australian distributor then allowed us to enter the American market. Soon after that, New Zealand and South Africa, where we experienced rapid success thanks to highly dynamic local partners.

Over the last few years, several new countries and distributors have added to our global success. Around a year ago, this trend towards globalisation accelerated with major projects in North and South America, including Brazil and Chile.

We also note that demand for our solutions in Asia is growing strongly this year.

We are using this occasion to thank all our partners, who do their utmost every day to promote our brand. They are one of the main reasons for our presence at the peak of our market in oil and gas telemetry.

This peak is represented by Mont Blanc in the photo. The highest mountain in the Alps reminds us, every day, of our aim to be at the forefront of technology.