This month, we are proud to begin the first mass deployments of neevo™!

With neevo™, customers can launch mass deployments, thanks to the experience gained since we began working with IoT in 2000 and the work of our development team as they designed this product. This means that this product is extremely quick and easy to install and begin using on all tanks covered by low-power networks (LPWAN) currently used in more than 60 countries.

neevo™ is the only product in the world enabling transmission on the SIGFOX low-power network as well as on LoRa networks. neevo™ symbolises all of Sensile Technologies’ expertise and innovation in producing autonomous telemetry equipment for hazardous locations.

Due to its unique design, neevo™ can be installed in an optimal location for data transmission.

Among its many strong points, neevo™ has unparalleled battery life, lasting more than 15 years! This feat is made possible by its compatibility with specific low-consumption networks that require very little energy.

Since 2018, neevo™ has proven itself in the field in more than eight countries and garnered very positive feedback. We are already seeing strong demand from our customers, all of whom can now use this new technology to reliably monitor their tanks.

Mass installation campaigns on all customer tanks are already planned in order to fully automate petrol and gas supply logistics.

If you would like more information on neevo™, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.