Cora Vennemann, Logistics Manager

Cora Vennemann has been Logistics Manager at Sensile Technologies since 2014. This means she oversees everything that comes into our facility and everything that goes out. She manages order entry, confirmations and packaging. She also creates shipping documents and invoices, and oversees our stock and equipment purchases. She received training from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on shipping dangerous merchandise and has earned all the necessary certifications so she can ship our units that contain lithium batteries.

As a client or sub-contractor, you have likely already spoken with her on the phone or corresponded by email. No doubt you’ve appreciated her multilingual talents. In fact, Cora speaks four languages: German, English, French and Afrikaans. You’ll quickly understand why when you see where her personal and professional paths have taken her.

After completing hotel management training in Germany, her native country, she returned to South Africa to work for a hotel in Johannesburg. She then realised that her true passion lay in fashion design, so she studied at a school of fashion design and management. Hereupon she worked in various positions in this industry in South Africa. This is also where Cora met her future husband and eventually got married.

In 1990, she moved from South Africa to the state of Michigan in the United States where she lived for five years. During this time, she held administrative positions at various companies, then started her own business as a creator and fashion designer after her two children were born.

From 1995 to 2002, Cora worked for two companies in Germany, one in the financial services industry and another that made trampolines. In the latter position, she acquired her export management experience.

Since late 2002, she has been based in the Morges region. Prior to joining us, she mainly worked as a translator and organised study tours to South Africa for University of Lausanne. And like many people who discover our beautiful region, she never left. We all hope she will stay with us for many years to come.