The world of the Internet of Things has undergone major changes in recent years, mainly due to the latest communication technology that is now becoming accessible throughout the world. These networks, known as ‘low-power’ networks, are particularly suited to carrying small quantities of data, and as such are very suitable for our applications, which require low-volume data transfer.

The main stakeholders are Sigfox, which currently uses local partners to offer a single network in 32 countries, and LoRa, which is an alliance between several companies, mainly historic cellular telecoms operators.

Not to be outdone, by the end of the year, cellular operators are planning the first roll-outs of technology called NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) and CAT-M, based on the LTE network and infrastructure (4G). These standards will quickly provide worldwide coverage that is suited to the Internet of Things, and can also be subdivided for each of the world’s regions.

Thanks to the very low energy consumption of these technologies, a small battery is enough to ensure a lifespan of over 10 years. Inevitably, this will have an impact on the size and price of smart objects, with reductions in both.

As a trailblazer in the Internet of Things, Sensile Technologies is monitoring these latest trends, constantly adapting its products with the sole aim of making our solution profitable for any tank anywhere in the world.

The dream of fully automated logistics is becoming a reality. With total knowledge of all of your clients’ consumption and stock levels, other business models can develop that will mean an end to surprises and to the need to manage your offerings and enter orders manually. The entire process becomes automated and urgent requests become a thing of the past, with deliveries streamlined over a year, smoothing out demand. These are the principles of industry 4.0 and digitalised businesses, where through measurements and readings, the entire logistics chain is automated.

You know in advance exactly what you will need to deliver, so you can plan your purchases and even inform your suppliers automatically. This may seem like a distant dream to many of our clients, but it is already possible and some of our clients are carrying out pilot studies.

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