Through out Sensile Technologies' history, there is one fact that we are proud of: We never lost a customer or distributor that started to work with our solution. The quality of the product and services that we offer is the reason behind our success.

June 2017

2016 – NETRIS2 is fully certified

15 June 2017|

NETRIS2 units have been fully certified following the IECEx, UL, ATEX, PTCRB and AT&T requirement.

April 2016


4 April 2016|

Sensile Technologies is the winner of the  IoT  / M2M INNOVATION WORLD CUP 2014/15 .

 Launch of TrackUP™: the Oil Link™ Module to manage field technicians more efficiently and automatize support activities.

December 2014

2014 – Winner of the Export AWARD

31 December 2014|

Sensile Technologies is the winner of the Export AWARD 2014 in the category Success, organized by Switzerland Global Entreprise.

November 2013

2013 – Offices in Dubai

5 November 2013|

Opened our office in Dubai.

December 2012

2012 – #1 telemetry solution provider

2 December 2012|

We are the number 1 European telemetry solution provider for oil and gas tanks with more than 40 000 tanks equipped with our systems.

November 2011

2011 – Covering all continents

22 November 2011|

Launch of Sensile Americas with our local partner LAS USA.

April 2010

2010 – Launch of NETRIS® telemetry unit

26 April 2010|

NETRIS® the world premiere to integrate the world’s smallest GSM modem (Telit GE865).

February 2009

2009 – Celebration of 10th anniversary

2 February 2009|

Launch of mains-powered GPRS solution (H200-GPRS) for petrol stations.

July 2008

2008 – Expansion into the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania

15 July 2008|

Signed contract with Wennstrom in Sweden for the distribution of our solutions.

August 2007

2007 – Reliability for large projects confirmed

16 August 2007|

Sensile’s lean and reactive organisation has successfully managed the installation of its telemetry solution on the Butagaz tanks in France.