Total Switzerland: offering an extra service to customers while supporting sustainable development.

The installation of Sensile Technologies’ Oil Link™ solution for the remote monitoring of propane levels in Total tanks offers an advantage to both our customers and our company.

Customers no longer need to manually check their tank levels, as the information is now available online. The Oil Link™ web portal also provides historic data of past consumption, allowing customers to better visualise their consumption. This information helps them to better manage, and even reduce, propane consumption.

The benefit for Total is that we are now able to optimise our transport costs, by delivering gas at exactly the right moment, ie., not too early but especially not too late. The logistics savings are also demanded by sustainable development logic. With fewer kilometres driven, we also reduce our transport-related CO2 emissions!

Sensile Technologies’ reputation and experience in the telemetry field were key factors in starting our partnership. Their new telemetry unit, NETRIS®, also convinced us of their innovation capacity.

Our collaboration has progressed exactly as we wished, and we will encourage the other departments of our company, as well as our Total colleagues throughout the world, to choose Sensile Technologies as their provider of telemetry solutions.

Xavier Sinnhuber, Technical and Sales Manager, Total Switzerland