Flogas uses Oil Link™ to optimise logistics and improve the service offered to customers

We had used other suppliers in the past, but Sensile Technologies combined price, quality and a user-friendly interface into a solution that exactly met our needs. With Sensile Technologies’ help we can further improve our service to customers, reduce our logistics costs, and reduce CO2 emissions.

We began installing the Oil Link™ solution in January 2006 for LPG tanks throughout Sweden. Transport planners use the data from Oil Link™ to forecast the latest possible supply date for fuel, thus optimising delivery routes. This type of “vendor managed inventory” is becoming increasing popular throughout the industry and has been demonstrated to yield significant cost savings for fuel suppliers and distributors.

We have been now using Sensile Technologies’ remote monitoring equipment for more 12 years. We have seen constant evolutions and improvement of the solution of the years.

Flogas understood that it’s impossible to compete only on the price when marketing gas and that offering a better service to customers is a key differentiating factor in the industry. Sensile Technologies’ remote sensing solutions allow us to not only optimise logistics, but also improve the service we are offering to our customers.

Lasse Dornell, Flogas Sweden