2009 – Celebration of 10th anniversary

Launch of mains-powered GPRS solution (H200-GPRS) for petrol stations.

2008 – Expansion into the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania

Signed contract with Wennstrom in Sweden for the distribution of our solutions.

2007 – Reliability for large projects confirmed

Sensile’s lean and reactive organisation has successfully managed the installation of its telemetry solution on the Butagaz tanks in France.

2006 – Sale of 10,000 systems to Butagaz France

Development of the most reliable battery-powered GSM telemetry unit for Zone 1 (H150-EEx).

2005 – New solution for petrol stations: H200

Launch of mains-powered telemetry unit (H200) for Shell retail stations in Switzerland.

2004 – First sales for LPG tanks

Contract with Vitogaz Switzerland (previously Shell Gas) for LPG tank monitoring thanks to ATEX zone 1 certification of the H100-EEx system.

2003 – First sales outside Switzerland and launch of world’s first GSM telemetry solution for Explosion-Zone 1 (H100-EEx)

Sale of 1'800 H100-3 systems to Shell Direct Germany and Austria.

2002 – 1,500 systems sold to Shell Switzerland

1,500 H100-3 systems sold to Shell Switzerland to monitor heating oil tanks in buildings, diesel tanks for industrials and more.

2001 – First installation of battery-powered oil tank solution (H100-3)

Contracts with PetroCharmettes and Oel Hauser (ex-subsidiaries of Shell Switzerland) for oil tank monitoring using the H100-3 system.

2000 – Concept for remote monitoring of oil tank levels

Sensile Technologies developed a solution for remote monitoring of heating oil tank level based on a pressure sensor and a GSM telemetry unit.